A Message

from the Minister

"Whether you are young, old, single, married, employed, unemployed, artsy, athletic, Republican, Democrat, caffeinated, decaffeinated, no matter what color… whoever you are… YOU are welcome here.

At Trinity United Methodist Church we are all about

one word –relationships. 

We seek to develop a personal relationship with God, caring relationships with one another and redemptive relationships with the world.

  If you are looking for a faith community focused on God and His mission on earth, join us for worship.  Two services on Sunday morning 9:00am and 11:00am.  Come as you are.  All are welcome!"

Jay Winston

Trinity United Methodist Church

901 West Broad Street,  Elizabethtown, North Carolina 28337    
910 862-3706
Reverend Jay Winston, Pastor
"Where everyone experiences new life in Christ."



          Class                                                                     Teacher(s)


      Toddlers                                                             Donnie Winston and Edwina Greene

                    Class is designed for children who are potty trained!


      Elementary Children                                         Tiina Mundy and Renee Summerlin

                    Class is designed for children in elementary school.   


      Junior High                                                             Marcia and David DeAndrade

                   Class is designed for junior high school students.   


      Fellowship Class                                                Cathy Kinlaw and John Hemingway

                  Class is an adult discussion class which selects its own books and current events for group conversation.


      Adult Fellowship                                 Ed Tatum, Greg Conner, & Clark Valentiner

                   Class consists of adult couples and uses the Methodist SS Studies.


      Wesleyan                                                                  Shirley Hough

                      Class is for adult ladies and follows the standard Sunday School curriculum.


      Ladies and Men                                                       Lloyd Breckenridge

                  Class consists of our most experienced adults using the standard Sunday School curriculum.             
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